Classique School of Dance



There are no set uniforms for our fairy classes children are free to wear their favourite dress up or costume. Tap dancing classes will require tap shoes however we don't expect you to purchase these before class has started. Wait and see if your child is happy to participate in the class before purchasing.
We would recommend that children doing Jazz and Hip Hop wear leggings and T shirts along with runners or grippy socks.

End of year performance

In keeping with our child friendly philosophy our preschool children perform in their very own concert. Our preschool concerts are very different from the more formal traditional concerts you may be familiar with.

Our preschool concerts are

  • Informal and in a local setting
  • Has the teacher on stage or nearby to guide and encourage
  • An opportunity for students to watch each other. Students sit at the front of the audience and enjoy performance as well. We find this provides a more positive experience than being ‘hushed’ in the side of the theatre and made to sit in the dark. The added benefit of this is that we do not require parents to help supervise backstage.
  • Costumes are organised by Classique at a minimal cost, normally around $45.00. These are yours to keep following the performance. Students are not required to wear  makeup.
  • Are an appropriate length for preschool children, no longer than 45 mins.
  • There are no long rehearsals to attend

Fee Schedule

Victorian school terms can vary in length from 8- 11 weeks. Our fees are averaged out for the full year and therefore remain the same each term.

If you begin mid term you will be charged pro rata fees for the remainder of the term.

The Fees for Fairy dancing are as follows, all fees include GST

30 min Classes    $120.00 per term

45min Class         $135.00 per term

60 min Class        $145.00 per term

90 min class        $200.00 per term

Fairy School

Casual Rates $30.00 per session

Per Term   $280.00 


2019 Term Dates

Term Dates for 2019 are as follows:

Term 1 – Monday 29th January –Monday 8th April
Term 2 – Tuesday 23rd April  – Saturday 29th June
Term 3 – Monday 15th July  – Saturday 21st September
Term 4 – Monday 7th October – Saturday 14th December